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Up to its knees in the past

Reflecting again on the nature of hope brings me back to a quote from Frederick Buechner I posted last year.

Click through to see where I think hope ends.

Then at last we see what hope is and where it comes from, hope as the driving power and outermost edge of faith. Hope stands up to its knees in the past and keeps its eyes on the future…shall is the verb of hope.

Frederick Buechner, Secrets in the Dark: A Life in Sermons, “A Room Called Remember”

Up to its knees in the past – becoming flame

Grace and peace to you…



Here and Now

When your habit 
your normal course of action 
doesn't hear me out
doesn't let me finish my sentence...

When I am shushed 
if the question that matters to me
doesn't matter to you...

When I seek a better solution 
for all of us 
and my words 
expressing ideas important to me 
in language important to me 
are shifted 
to your words and language 
or struck from the final deal 

When I strive to paint
together with you 
a world with more variety
of color and line
and my colors and lines
are painted over 
or are imperceptible 
except to one who knows
just where to look for them...

When everything I offer is met with
Not here 
Not now:

What do I do 
living with a lifetime 
of the ends of sentences
jammed in my throat
and the wildly alive 
Image of God 
here and now
in my chest?


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