This is becoming part of my Easter tradition, reading this. I offer it again, in case this day is killing you with happiness 🙂.

Easter During COVID-19

Grace and peace to you…

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Oh my. I just left a comment on last year’s post! Sorry about that. Next time I’ll follow the directions better (I hope). 🙂 Bottom line: I love this! Your take on Easter is challenging and true. Thanks for reposting it. And, as they say, preach it!

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I get to hear from you twice, all the better!

Do I remember right that you listen to classical music? At this advanced age I’m finally falling for Schubert’s piano music. I hadn’t ever paid much attention to it before. Are you familiar with it?

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I used to play a lot of classical piano but never Schubert. Do you have a favorite? I’m tempted to try learning the last sonata, but it would probably take a good decade to do it (if not longer!)

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I apologize for being slow to respond. Here’s my suggestion: Try starting with something like “Moment Musical.” It’s adequately advanced, but won’t scare you off! And it’s absolutely beautiful. I don’t know how you get your music. I have this in a collection: Book 5 of The Hundred Best Short Classics. It’s the only Schumann piece in the book. You might be able to find it online–as a single piece–and download it or even print it out. It’s worth looking around for it! If you enjoy playing, I love the collection I mentioned above. Not too hard, not too easy! I hope you can get into it. Playing the piano can be a huge gift to yourself. 🙂

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I should add that I discovered Moment Musical after I started teaching at the seminary. It wasn’t part of my piano lessons when I was growing up, and had a regular teacher every week to keep me on target!

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Thank you for the suggestion – I’ll look it up

Are you familiar with Maria Joao Pires? She has become my favorite pianist in the last couple of months. Alfred Brendel is another favorite.

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