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A Time

There is a time

the whole creation’s been waiting for;

When all the evil

in this sore, sore world

will be laid bare and die.

And when that time does come

we’ll lift a shout of joy

For then our home is just around the bend

and by His mercy He will take us there.

There’s a place

There’s a time

There’s a land where truth still reigns

There’s a God in heav’n above

Angels bow before Him.

Verse 2 and Chorus 2 of Song of Hope by dw

I promised to share the next verse with you – here it is; one more to come!

Grace and peace to you…


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Happiness leading to sorrow


There is a false and momentary happiness in self-satisfaction, but it always leads to sorrow because it narrows and deadens our spirit.

— Thomas Merton, No Man Is an Island

This follows from last week’s post and reinforces the connection with addiction.