Next to Last

By faith we understand, if we are to understand it at all, that the madness and lostness we see all around us and within us are not the last truth about the world but only the next to the last truth.

Frederick Buechner, Secrets in the Dark: A Life in Sermons, “Faith”

To have faith is to remember and wait, and to wait in hope is to have what we hope for already begin to come true in us through our hoping.

Frederick Buechner, Secrets in the Dark: A Life in Sermons, “A Room Called Remember”

May the last truth shine through to whatever truth you are experiencing now.

May the hope you are waiting for be true in your life now.

Grace and peace to you…



The Plain Truth

If you, like me, were taught

-maybe not in words-

your worth depends on what you do

And if your gut, like mine, tells you

-not in words-

you believe this to be true

Then, in spite of what we tell ourselves in words

we, both you and I, have a situation:

Our worth, yours and mine, is a doctrine

we try to prove with our words and our deeds

Instead of the plain truth we live out each day

in the safety of each other’s arms.


Grace and peace to you this day…

hope Poetry

A Time

There is a time

the whole creation’s been waiting for;

When all the evil

in this sore, sore world

will be laid bare and die.

And when that time does come

we’ll lift a shout of joy

For then our home is just around the bend

and by His mercy He will take us there.

There’s a place

There’s a time

There’s a land where truth still reigns

There’s a God in heav’n above

Angels bow before Him.

Verse 2 and Chorus 2 of Song of Hope by dw

I promised to share the next verse with you – here it is; one more to come!

Grace and peace to you…