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The God of those who can hope


Those who abandon everything in order to seek God know well that He is the God of the poor…the supreme expression of His justice is to forgive those whom no one else would ever have forgiven. That is why He is, above all, the God of those who can hope where there is no hope. The penitent thief who died with Christ was able to see God where the doctors of the law had just proved impossible Jesus’s claim to divinity.

— Thomas Merton, No Man Is an Island, Sentences on Hope


in our darkest hour,
the difference between
hope and despair
is our willingness
to recognize
the God of love
hanging on the cross
beside ours.


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What will be your truth?

When ends justify your means
what will be the meaning and justice of your end?

When power is about keeping power
what, when you lose it, will keep and empower you?

When you forsake truth to prosper,
what will be your truth when prosperity forsakes you?


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