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Thomas Merton – The First Responsibility

For it seems to me that the first responsibility of a [person] of faith is to make [their] faith really a part of [their] own life, not by rationalizing it but by living it.

— Thomas Merton, No Man Is an Island

Jesus said we would know the reality of a person’s faith by how they live. Living our faith means we pay attention to his words and let our lives be transformed by them. It means we let him live in and through us; we follow where he leads.

  • Are we living our faith? Do we keep it contained in a comfortable space or do we let it loose in our lives?
  • What is God pointing out now to help us live our faith more fully?
  • Write down what comes to mind so you can go back to it over the coming days.

Grace and peace to you…


Photo by Madi Robson on Unsplash

One reply on “Thomas Merton – The First Responsibility”

I strive to live my faith more fully through time. I know that my formal times of study, prayer, meditation prepare me to more fully live my faith. I am disappointed that I am often content to take an easier, softer, way and pull back. My faith, as a Christian and a part of the Abrahamic tradition certainly must include much social action and I can be tired and lazy with this. I know that I do not engage and welcome the stranger and practice the radical hospitality as well as the models provided from Abraham to Jesus, and beyond.

At the same time, I am not interested in beating myself up over these things in a woe is me sort of way. Truly a process and not an event.


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