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Thomas Merton – The First Responsibility

Thomas Merton writing about the importance of living one’s faith.


For it seems to me that the first responsibility of a [person] of faith is to make [their] faith really a part of [their] own life, not by rationalizing it but by living it.

— Thomas Merton, No Man Is an Island

Jesus said we would know the reality of a person’s faith by how they live. Living our faith means we pay attention to his words and let our lives be transformed by them.

  • Are we living our faith? Do we keep it contained in a neat little box or does it reach into every area of our lives?
  • What is God pointing out to us to help us live our faith more fully?
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1 reply on “Thomas Merton – The First Responsibility”

I strive to live my faith more fully through time. I know that my formal times of study, prayer, meditation prepare me to more fully live my faith. I am disappointed that I am often content to take an easier, softer, way and pull back. My faith, as a Christian and a part of the Abrahamic tradition certainly must include much social action and I can be tired and lazy with this. I know that I do not engage and welcome the stranger and practice the radical hospitality as well as the models provided from Abraham to Jesus, and beyond.

At the same time, I am not interested in beating myself up over these things in a woe is me sort of way. Truly a process and not an event.


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