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The miracle we get

From Frederick Buechner’s sermon “Message in the Stars”


“It is not objective proof of God’s existence that we want but, whether we use religious language for it or not, the experience of God’s presence. That is the miracle that we are really after. And that is also, I think, the miracle that we really get.”

Frederick Buechner, Secrets in the Dark: A Life in Sermons, “Message in the Stars”

If you follow this blog, you know that one of the themes in my life is about learning to live more from my heart and less from my head. I’d like to be a lot more like Mary and a little less like Martha (Luke 10:38-42).

The miracle that is beyond my courage to hope too much for: that I am allowed to let down my guard and my fears and inhibitions and to simply love and enjoy being with God without having to figure it all out; to “choose the good thing” like Mary and to know that it won’t be taken away from me; to be a humble child in Jesus’ arms…that is the miracle Buechner says I get, you get, we all of us get.

I’m feeling truly grateful for these encouraging words today.

Grace and peace to you…


Photo by Roman Mager on Unsplash


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