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The Soul Behind My Sin

The Soul Behind My Sin

Can you see the soul behind my sin?
Will you see what God sees, deep within?
Can you love the soul you see
behind the mask that I call Me?
Will you love what I can’t love,
lift it to the throne of God?
Can you see the soul I’m meant to be?

Can you hear the words I cannot say?
Will you stay and listen, come what may?
Can you love the messenger
through all my noise and rattling fear?
Will you love what lies behind
the lies I tell, the mimes I mime?
Can you hear the words I’m meant to share?

Can you speak the truth I cannot bear?
Will you speak it firmly and with care?
Will you speak it when I run,
yell, defend, or come undone?
Can you speak it to the one
I’m meant to be when all is done?
Will you speak the truth I have to own?

Can you hold the child betrayed by age?
Will you hold me tightly, though I rage?
Will you love the little one
trapped inside this bitter one?
Can you love the treasured one
left for all that must be done?
Will you hold the child I can become?


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