Immigration status

We would be,
all of us,
detained at heaven’s border,
seeking life,
fleeing death,
illegal immigrants all;

Detained and
forever separated
from our loved ones;

Were it not
for God’s outrageous mercy,
his willingness to spend
without limit
his very life
for us
so that we
could be
not only citizens of his realm,
but his very sons and daughters,
sharing his home,
his table,
his very life.


Copyright © 2018, all rights reserved.

unsplash-logoChristian Spies

3 replies on “Immigration status”

Thank you DW for these words of truth. We are all, indeed, alien from God out of choice and yet, even as such, he searches us out and draws us near because of His “outrageous mercy.” Therefore He so righteously said, “He who shows little mercy well be shown little mercy.” You are merciful, my friend.

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Years ago I wasn’t merciful on this issue, even though I saw myself as a faithful Christian. But then ‘mercy’ was just a doctrinal concept, not anything I experienced in my heart. I experienced God as the great judge, always looking over my shoulder to condemn. So I condemned. It became so deeply ingrained in me that I became oblivious to it, while those close to me were harmed by it. I have been the Pharisee without knowing it…until someone close to me was loving and brave enough to start calling me out on it. God’s mercy to me has been outrageous, more outrageous than my sin; I’m so grateful.

Grace and peace to you…

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