Love and ever more love

LOVE AND EVER MORE LOVE is the only solution to every problem that comes up. If we love each other enough, we will bear with each other’s faults and burdens. If we love enough, we are going to light that fire in the hearts of others. And it is love that will burn out the sins and hatreds that sadden us. It is love that will make us want to do great things for each other. No sacrifice and no suffering will then seem too much.

Day, Dorothy. The Reckless Way of Love: Notes on Following Jesus (Plough Spiritual Guides: Backpack Classics) (p. 22). Plough Publishing House. Kindle Edition.


In the same way that we cannot give up on Truth (because Jesus never did), we cannot give up on Love. Jesus took Truth and Love to the cross extravagantly, recklessly, scandalously, and he held them tight until he took his last breath. He calls us to follow him there.

Lord, have mercy on us.


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