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when I feel awash

When I feel awash, untethered, I often look to my ‘go-to’ prayers to anchor myself again.

I find this prayer especially helpful when lies and truth are mixed together so thoroughly…so thoroughly…I start to wonder how our society can ever find a truthful footing for an honest discussion.

Grace and peace to you…



Holy God, who entered our world as the Word,
the Word of truth, of love, of light, and of life,

When we speak words of error, hatred, darkness and death, have mercy:

May those listening see our lies for what they are,

And may you awaken our conscience and grant us repentance;

May you change our very hearts to make them clean, wholly loving you and our neighbor, whoever that neighbor may be.

When we speak words of truth, love, light and life, have mercy:

May those listening take heart and have hope,

And may you grant us the joy and gladness you have always purposed for us,

to be your people with your Word living with us and in us.

Holy God, may your Word be spoken and cherished in all places and by all people.

Through your Son, Word of God, Jesus,


originally posted here pray for truth

2 replies on “when I feel awash”

Yes, indeed, DW. In Jesus’ name amen. For even when we speak truth, even when our spirit is righteous, even when clarity enlightens us, we are still sinners grasping for mercy. We are only mirroring, echoing our Savior. It is all that we can do. And it is–for all of us–stopgap. We are not the source of light, truth or righteousness, but these things can and do occur within us. Some more so than others. Our savior has lit the flame. At times it burns brightly, at other times it is only an ember, but it is the spark of our Lord and it is a powerful thing. May you remain ignited.

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