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Things are a’changin

Forgive my poor allusion to Bob Dylan’s great song (which I think is at least as appropriate now as it was in 1964). It’s probably worth hearing again:

Speaking of change, though…

After two-and-a-half years of working on this blog – and enjoying every minute of it – I’m starting to think about what I could do differently; how can I share what’s on my heart and mind more effectively, more faithfully?

I’m not talking about making it commercial or more glitzy and I’m not interested in “going viral.”

But could I make Becoming Flame something better, more engaging, a better help to folks who are looking for conversation and encouragement on their journey through and toward Life, toward God?

I have some ideas I’m working  on and will share once they are ready. But I’d like to hear your thoughts, too: how could Becoming Flame be more useful to you or to people you know?

Thank you for reading – it’s a joy to know that what I share here makes a difference.

Grace and peace to you…


3 replies on “Things are a’changin”

I appreciate Becoming Flame very much. You are a very good writer. I would like to read more from you in your own voice. Perhaps a retelling and analysis of the parables of Christ…a contemporary analysis of the writings of Paul–yes, delving into the controversial subject matters…a Christian perspective on the news of the day and how it pertains to the church…what Christianity has got right and what it has got wrong. Just thinking out loud, DW. Just expound on what you already do.

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Thank you 🙏 Pam. Your response and advice and encouragement mean a lot to me. I hope to be able to tackle a couple of the topics you suggested.

I’m thinking through ways to restructure the site a bit so it’s not constrained to the simple, single-thread of posts in reverse chronological order. And this new block editor…don’t get me started…first time I’ve seriously considered dumping WordPress (but I won’t, at least not yet).

Grace and peace to you…

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You can go to classic editor, Dw. When you are working on a post go to the + icon on your left upper screen, click on it. Scroll down to text and you will see the “classic editor icon” click on it and your back on classic editor. Every time you post you will have to go into the classic editor mode, but that’s all there is to it. Hope that helps.

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