Current Events

Here. No words.

I’m still breathing

(deep breaths, whenever possible)

Still thinking

(more thoughts than I can put into words)

Until I read a book

(The Cross and the Lynching Tree)

That arrests the flow of breath and thoughts

(my heart asserting it’s proper place)

Leaving only this thought in these words:

Lord, have mercy on me and my kind.


5 replies on “Here. No words.”

Hi, dw!

I’m back to thank you profusely for recommending James Cones’ book. I’ve now finished chapter 2 (on Rheinhold Neibuhr). I loved it! Partly because I’m a theologian/academic type. But mainly because Cones’ treatment of his older academic friend was right on target. I’ve read books by Cone before, and used some of his writing in my teaching. This one is the best I’ve seen, and the most compelling for me personally.

Now I’m moving on to Chapter 3 and Martin Luther King, Jr. It’s a challenge and encouragement to see the way he puts everything together, clarifying what’s at stake for all of us. It isn’t a pretty picture, especially of us white folks.

I pray you’re doing well these days.

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