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If I have anything to say

If I have anything to say to the Christian community in America and around the world, it is rooted in the tragic and hopeful reality that sustains and empowers black people to resist the forces that seem designed to destroy every ounce of dignity in their souls and bodies.

Cone, James H.. The Cross and the Lynching Tree (pp. 14-15). Orbis Books. Kindle Edition.

If I have anything to say
I say to all my kind
Let us listen to this man
Let us hear what he has to say
May it break our hearts
Open our eyes
Bring us 


3 replies on “If I have anything to say”

“When America tells African Americans to forget about the past when we haven’t even talked about it, that’s unhealthy.” Eric Mason, “Woke Church” So let’s listen to what our brothers and sisters have to tell us.

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Your choice of a quote from Cone is spot on! And your own poem, as well. I’m still making my way (slowly) through his chapter on black writers/poets who saw what white people have chosen not to see–the connection between the cross and the lynching tree. I’m so grateful you recommended this book to me, painful as it is. I’ve read several of Cones’ books in years past. This is his best ever. Thank you, dw.

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