The Thing About Trust

The thing about trust

If I don’t have yours
I can’t earn it

No single deed
Or lifetime of deeds
Will do

Not even Jesus Christ
Can earn my trust
Or yours
Unless he already has it

dw Copyright © 2022

Grace and peace to you…


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6 replies on “The Thing About Trust”

That’s beautiful, DW. I have some trust issues. There are very few people that I trust. You are one of them.
And I suppose you have earned it, in way, or I would have never given it to you. I have watched you. You have been consistent. You have been kind. You have been concerned. That’s why I trust you.
To me, Jesus is different. I love him, because he first loved me. I felt his love from the beginning, therefore he really didn’t have to earn my trust because he had it from the beginning because he loved me from the beginning. Same with my Mom.
I love my children like that too, I give them my trust and my love from the beginning. That’s it though. God, my Mom and my children.

But that’s just me. Everybody has their own wiring.

So I’ve been thinking a good deal about how to honor Christ with outreach to those who may not be Christians, because that’s his number one command, “feed My sheep.” I’m wondering if it would be possible that I collaborate with you on your blog from time to time? Perhaps you might give me the opportunity to post on occasion? Of course anything that I would post independently of you I would offer for your approval before first–obviously. And any collaborative posts that we might do you would have the lead on, of course.

It’s just a thought. Please don’t feel pressured to respond in the positive. If this is not feasible for you, if it’s not a good fit, I will not be offended.

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Interesting idea 💡. I’m honored that you asked. I hadn’t really thought of that sort of thing before. I’d like to hear more about the outcome you’d like to see and the process you imagine. What sort of topics would you like to write about?

Thank you for asking!

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I would just like to follow your lead. I don’t know how often you post, but I would be interested in collaborating with you maybe twice a month. I like what you do, the topics you choose and your approach. I’m not into beating people over the head with scripture. I’m very Christ centric.


Hi Pam, I haven’t had any time to invest in writing for most of the year so there isn’t much of a “lead” to follow 🤣. For me, I think it would have to wait a bit until I have more time and energy to invest. How does that sound?

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